10 Reasons to Bike to the Store

Bryan Furuness
2 min readMay 3, 2021


10. Combine exercise with an errand.

Diamond efficiency level: unlocked.

9. Work up an appetite.

You deserve a frittata.

8. Little bag=big savings.

Because you only have so much room in your pannier bag, you’ll make more mindful choices at the store—which will lead to more savings and less food waste.

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7. “Cancel out” the carbon impact of the dude idling in his F150 the entire time you’re in the store.

It’s like 70 degrees out, guy. The air is literally room temperature! Turn off the ignition and roll down your fucking window.

6. Because legs are the new abs, apparently?

I mean, if Vox says it’s true . . .

5. Finding a parking space? Not a problem.

My Kona Sutra. The bottle cages are little owls.

4. Because it’s May, my dude.

source: The League of American Bicyclists

3. You’ll get to know your community.

Amazing how much more you notice about your surroundings when they’re not just a blur on the other side of glass.

2. Your bike doesn’t use gas.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, gas-powered cars and trucks account for nearly 20% of America’s global warming pollution. For every gallon of gas, your vehicle emits “around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases.”

Fuck fossil fuels. Ditch your car. Hop on a bike.

1. It’s fun.

Maybe it’s the endorphins released by exercise. Maybe it’s the fact that you feel like a kid when you’re on a bike. Maybe biking to the store makes you feel so insufferably virtuous that you could burst. Whatever the reason, biking is a joybringer.

photo credit: aNto (flickr creative commons) | Tell me it wouldn’t make you happy to ride this trike.