5 Hearty Plant-Based Meals For the Carnivores in Your Life

It’s better for my health and my family’s health.

Research indicates that a plant-based diet may lower bad numbers like “body mass index, blood pressure . . . and cholesterol levels.” It may also reduce your risk for certain types of cancer, and prevent cognitive decline.

It’s better for the planet.

After fossil fuels, animal agriculture is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. To put it simply, meat is heating the planet.

It’s tasty as hell.

Look, I’m no meat martyr. Plants, as it turns out, are delicious.

Chili with Cornbread Islands

link to recipe


Cookie & Kate | link to recipe



Cookie and Kate (again!) | link to recipe

Baked Ziti

Cookie & Kate (yet again) | link to recipe



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Bryan Furuness

Bryan Furuness

Writer, teacher, editor. #ClimateCurious