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What is zero waste?

The basic goal is to send no trash to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Beyond that, zero waste is about reducing what you need, reusing as much as you can, sending little to be recycled, and composting everything else.

Whoa—what’s wrong with recycling?

I could give you a hundred answers, but that would be hijacking my own article, so I’ll give you just one. If you’re like most Americans, most of the stuff in your recycling bin is plastic—and it’s less recyclable than you think.

You know that cute “recycling symbol” on the bottom of plastic thingies? It’s bullshit.

10. Combine exercise with an errand.

Diamond efficiency level: unlocked.

9. Work up an appetite.

You deserve a frittata.

8. Little bag=big savings.

Because you only have so much room in your pannier bag, you’ll make more mindful choices at the store—which will lead to more savings and less food waste.

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7. “Cancel out” the carbon impact of the dude idling in his F150 the entire time you’re in the store.

It’s like 70 degrees out, guy. The air is literally room temperature! Turn off the ignition and roll down your fucking window.

6. Because legs are the new abs, apparently?

I mean, if Vox says it’s true . . .

5. Finding a parking space? Not a problem.

I used to eat a lot of meat. Like, every meal plus meatsnacks. But over the last few years, I have gradually shifted to a plant-based diet—a flexible term I define as “eating mostly plants, while occasionally enjoying meat, fish, eggs and dairy.”

Why the shift? A few reasons:

It’s better for my health and my family’s health.

Research indicates that a plant-based diet may lower bad numbers like “body mass index, blood pressure . . . and cholesterol levels.” It may also reduce your risk for certain types of cancer, and prevent cognitive decline.

It’s better for the planet.

After fossil fuels, animal agriculture is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. …

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Everyone says to call your representative, but hardly anyone does it. Why? Two reasons.

#1: Phones are scary.

#2: Feels like a waste of time. Will it even matter?

Let’s break down these barriers, starting with the first one. If you know how to prep for the call and what to expect, I bet it won’t be scary at all.

Step 1: Find your representative.

Here you go. God bless the internet.

Step 2: Add them to your contacts.

Will that take a few extra minutes? Sure. But it will lower the threshold for your next call (and give you a way for you to procrastinate on this call while still feeling…

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